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The MAM account features a management module that distributes the sizes of trades according to an allocation percentage. The manager’s MAM account is a large “main account”, whose capital is equal to the sum of the sub-accounts. The manager’s trades are automatically replicated in the sub-accounts according to a percentage basis. For example, if the trader makes a 50-lot trade on the EURUSD, the trade is divided among the individual sub-accounts (clients) into smaller parts based on the percentage of equity of each sub-account in relation to the master account. This means that if the size of an individual sub-account is equal to 1% of the main account’s equity, the size of the trade on this account will be 0.5 lot (1% of 50 lots).

The minimum initial deposit amount to join the MAM is $10000.
$10000 is as well minimum operational equity.


In MAM accounts the fund managers get the authority to execute trading strategies and traders can also simultaneously diversify trading by using more than one manager through different MAMs.

The MAM platform is completely automated and so there is almost no risk of fraud using this method.

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Customizable Trading Conditions

Money managers gain the flexibility of a full-service solution

Choose your trading conditions, including commissions, spread mark-ups, account currency, performance fees and margin/call

Our low commission structure, combined with tight spreads, results in greater margins for trade managers

  • Pyramidfx helps money managers plan profit and loss goals on a per-account basis, based on open trade conditions.
  • Easily withdraw or deposit funds in and out of MAM accounts without disrupting trading activity.
  • Withdraw your funds at any time.

What is the minimum Deposit?

The minimum initial deposit amount to join the MAM is $10000.
$10000 is as well minimum operational equity.

Is the trading same as signals?

Not exactly. MAM can contain the same trades as in the signals, but it will as well contain short term trades and Algo trading.

Signals service is a different product that helps people to earn while they learn.

How much Profit can i experct Monthly?

Visit our transparent results on the MyFxbook to get an idea about the trading performed on the MAM account. We are focused on capital protection first with big deviance of our equity. Not any gambling or unreal targets. We are professionals and our trading reflects this.

Trading on this account started 23rd August, check the % gain and average monthly % gain. This should give you an idea about what to expect. However, as been already said a couple of times. Past results do not guarantee future profits.

Can i loose my Money?

Generally, Forex margin trading involves big risk and you should not trade with the money we can’t afford to lose. Every investor should be aware that world crises, wars, and unexpected political aspects can t crash the markets anytime with huge volatility. These aspects are out of our control and it can mean a huge loss. Trade only with money you can afford to lose. Trading should be used as an additional income, not the income you are dependent on.

Our strategies are is set for the maximum risk of 35%. That is is not a risk we work with daily, but can be reached in the extreme moments.

Are there any hidden Fees?

No there are not any setup fees. No management fees or any hidden fees.
Most of the methods for the withdrawals and deposits are free from the broker.
You can use the most famous payments like Paypal, BTC, Skrill, Bank wire.

Only fees are the performance fee 30% based on the high watermark method.